SDP Medallion

El Repostero


The Sigma Delta Pi medallion weighs 2.8 oz., is 3" in diameter and is packaged in a black felt pouch appropriate for award presentations.  Suitable as a paperweight, a component for plaque mounting, or other use
that appropriately represents Sigma Delta Pi and its mission, the medallion is ideal as a gift for chapter
speakers or other dignified friends and associates of Sigma Delta Pi who deserve a special recognition on
behalf of the Society.  Due to limited quantity, medallions will only be sold directly to chapters, not to
individual members. Chapters wishing to purchase the Sigma Delta Pi medallion should use the standard
order form (found at our Forms link), write in the item and unit price ($25.00 per medallion, $8
standard shipping and handling fee for entire order), and submit the completed form to the Executive Director.