Sigma Delta Pi Chapter Project Grants

Sigma Delta Pi is pleased to announce its chapter project grant program for 2017.  A chapter of active status—at least one induction of new members since the 2014-15 academic year—that has not been named an "Honor Chapter"/"Capítulo de Honor y Mérito" since and to include the year of 2014 may apply for a grant of up to $300 to support a chapter project that complements the mission of Sigma Delta Pi during the 2017-18 academic year.  The Chapter Project Grant Program is intended to spur chapter activity and thereby help raise the chapter's visibility in its college/university community.



To be eligible to receive a project grant, a chapter must be of active status—at least one induction of new members since the 2014-15 academic year.  Any chapter named "Honor Chapter"/"Capítulo de Honor y Mérito" at least once since and including the 2014 year is ineligible for a chapter project grant.


Applicants must download and complete the official application form and review Form 1-B. The proposal must include a detailed description of the proposed project and a budget. 


The Chapter Adviser must e-mail the complete application and supporting materials by May 1, 2017 to Mark P. Del Mastro, Executive Director, at The proposal must include a detailed description of the proposed project and a budget. The Committee will consider the quality of the proposal and the specificity of the budget, in addition to the merit of the proposed activity. Applications received after May 1, 2017 will not be considered.


Members of the national Executive Committee will review the applications independently with a given set of criteria and will select the grant recipients during their annual meeting in the summer of 2017.  Their decision will be final.  The Executive Committee reserves the right to award the number of grants it deems appropriate while considering application merit and available funding.  The Committee will consider the quality of the proposal and the specificity of the budget.  Active participation by student members in the proposed project as well as the project’s creativity as related to Sigma Delta Pi’s mission will receive special consideration.


All applicants will be notified no later than August 2017.


Sigma Delta Pi chapter project grants MUST be used solely for the purposes stated in the chapter's original application. Permission will not be granted to alter the originally proposed chapter project plan. Sigma Delta Pi's chapter project grants are non-transferable. Grant monies will be sent to each awardee after September 1, 2017 and depending upon the scheduled time of the project funded.


  1. Chapters must propose only one activity/project, but they may submit a joint proposal for a cooperative activity with other chapters. The judging committee views cooperative proposals favorably, but a joint project is not a requirement for this program.
  2. WHAT IS NOT FUNDED: Rental of campus meeting rooms, campus publicity, a project previously funded by a Sigma Delta Pi Chapter Project Grant, honoraria or any other payments to your own faculty or to Sigma Delta Pi officers or Council members, excessive travel costs for outside speakers, excessive decorations such as flowers, event receptions (e.g., food and refreshments), the purchase of Sigma Delta Pi merchandise, or any activity that presents obvious danger to students or to others. Students should seek university support for their projects in the form of meeting space, expect local faculty to participate without payment, and make use of campus publications to advertise their projects. The judging committee encourages proposals that plan to obtain additional or matching funding from other sources.
  3. LIABILITY: If a proposed activity involves student travel, the proposal must affirm that the travel will be in accordance with university policies and that due diligence will be exercised with respect to the safety of the students. THE NATIONAL OFFICE OF SIGMA DELTA PI DOES NOT PROVIDE LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR CHAPTERS OR STUDENT MEMBERS PARTICIPATING IN ACTIVITIES FUNDED BY THESE GRANTS, OR IN ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES.
  4. A project may be continued after the initial undertaking, but this grant is only to be used to support the inaugural event. Proposals for subsequent events of the same nature will not be considered.


Each grant recipient must send via e-mail to Mark P. Del Mastro ( a "Charter Project Grant Report" that includes:

Failure to submit the complete "Charter Project Grant Report" will result in the chapter's ineligibility for any future Sigma Delta Pi project grant competitions.

Awardees unable to undertake the project made possible by the grant must inform the Executive Director ( immediately and return any funding already received.