Premio Germán D. Carrillo

The Germán D. Carrillo Award honors the countless contributions of Dr. Germán D. Carrillo, who served 36 years as chapter adviser at Marquette University, and 14 years as National President of Sigma Delta Pi. He is the 2nd longest serving chapter adviser and National President in the history of the Society. This award is a triennial recognition for a Sigma Delta Pi member in good standing who has made outstanding service contributions to the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. A cash award and a beautiful plaque accompany this recognition.  The recipient will be chosen by the Executive Committee based upon information provided in annual chapter reports (for local leadership), and the record of activities at the national level.

Galardonado (awardee)

Lugar (place)

Fecha (date)

Comfort Pratt*

Asamblea Trienal de Sigma Delta Pi, Miami, Florida

8 de julio de 2016

*Inaugural recipient was recognized during Sigma Delta Pi's Triennial Convention at the
Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel
 in Miami, Florida.