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Sigma Delta Pi’s Centennial Chapter Photo Competition


This year’s contest commemorates the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society’s 100th Birthday (1919-2019)

Rules for submissions:

1)  Photos must be submitted directly to by April 15, 2019.  Photos submitted any other way will NOT be considered.

2) Eligible entries must show name of “Sigma Delta Pi” and the Society’s logo within the picture.

3) Competitive entries will reflect the centennial (1919-2019) and mission of Sigma Delta Pi in creative, original, entertaining and coherent ways.

4) Person who submits the photo must be a member (not alumni members) of an active chapter of Sigma Delta.

5) Maximum of two photo entries per chapter.

The winning entry along with 2nd and 3rd place distinctions will be announced by April 22, 2019 via Sigma Delta Pi’s social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

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