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Sigma Delta Pi and COVID-19: Virtual Initiations and Options for the Remote Collection of Student Membership Dues

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Sigma Delta Pi Chapter Advisers,

Please find the following information to assist with membership dues payments this spring and until further notice:

First, Sigma Delta Pi can send membership materials to your home or university address.  Under the shipping section on the order form, simply indicate your preference.

Generally, Sigma Delta Pi does not accept payment from individual students as it will overburden the national office, and because we rely on chapter advisers to confirm membership qualifications at the chapter level. However, some chapters are facing challenges with the collection of membership dues from students who are no longer on campus.  Some options:


If willing, the chapter adviser can create a Venmo or Paypal account.  Students appear to be very comfortable with this technology and can send the adviser membership payment ($25) directly.  After payments are made the adviser can then place a Sigma Delta Pi order (that will need to include $10 or $35 for shipping) on our website.  Click HERE for ORDER FORM.


If you are unable to create an account, Sigma Delta Pi will accept Venmo payments from students directly.  If you choose to take advantage of this, please do the following:

  1. Email to let us know you plan to have students send us payment directly.  Include a complete list of students’ full names and emails. Without this information, we cannot accept payments directly from students.
  2. Copy on the instruction email sent to your students so we know to expect payments.
  3. Include in the email to students a deadline for payment and the payment amount for new membership ($25)
  4. The Venmo account the student should use is: @SDPNational.  The name associated with the account is “SDP National”.
    The following logo is associated with the account:
  5. Instruct students to include their nameemail address and university when making payments.  Sigma Delta Pi must know the names of those submitting payments and chapter affiliation.
  6. Once payments from all the candidates have been received OR the deadline has been reached, Sigma Delta Pi will email the adviser with instructions for completing the order.
  7. Please keep in mind that shipping and handling charges ($10 or $35 for express) must be paid.  This payment can be made by the adviser using Venmo (please include your name, university, email and the address you wish us to ship to) or our online ORDER FORM (enter “0” for memberships and select desired shipping option.
  8. As Sigma Delta Pi begins an untested method of payment, your patience will be appreciated.

It has been true through our 100-year history, the strength of our organization lies with the dedication of our chapter advisers and members.  We are grateful that many of you have reached out with questions, concerns and creative suggestions. Please continue that communication with us.

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