Inaugural Recipients of Sigma Delta Pi’s Virtual Internship Grants

Sigma Delta Pi is pleased to announce the inaugural recipients of its Virtual Internship Grant Program:

Genevieve Patricia McCarthy, Colgate University
Virtual Internship in Madrid, Spain

Isabel Marie Del Mastro, College of Charleston
Virtual Internship in Medellín, Colombia

Sigma Delta Pi is grateful for the work of the program’s National Selection Committee chaired by Dr. David Navarro of Texas State University, and for the invaluable support and partnership of The Intern Group, a leading provider of global internship programs in Barcelona, Madrid, Chile, Colombia and around the globe.  Their virtual/remote internship program enables a participant to gain hands-on experience, grow their network, and enhance their résumé. The program also helps boost one’s language skills and career, including a virtual internship in specific career fields, world-class career advancement training, and a keynote speaker series featuring global business leaders.

Sigma Delta Pi members enjoy a 300 USD discount year-round with The Intern Group: Learn more.