Thank You!

We have received your order. An invoice reflecting the total cost for your order and payment instructions will be emailed to the chapter adviser.  Processing of invoices requires 24 to 48 hours in order to verify chapter status and adviser.

Upon receipt of invoice by email, payment can be made. 

A single Venmo payment for the entire order including shipping and handling (INDIVIDUAL STUDENT VENMO PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED) should be made to:

Sigma Delta Pi’s Venmo Account: @SDPNational.

The name associated with the account is “SDP National”.

The logo below is the account photo:

Venmo Logo

*Please include the Chapter, University and Adviser’s name with Venmo Payment*

Upon receipt of payment, your order will be processed. An email verifying shipping and tracking information will be sent once processing is complete.

These instructions will be repeated in the email that will be sent with the invoice. Questions about Venmo payments should be directed to the executive director: .

Honor Cords

Honor cords and other Sigma Delta Pi merchandise not available through our national headquarters can be purchased through HONORGRADS.COM.

Sigma Delta Pi Pendant

Sigma Delta Pi pendants are available through HJGREEK.COM.


Sigma Delta Pi medallions for ceremonies and additional merchandise is available through AWARD CONCEPTS.