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Sigma Delta Pi’s National Awards, Grants, Subventions and Recognitions

Don’t let your Sigma Delta Pi chapter miss these great opportunities:

For Summer 2023 and the 2023-24 Academic Year

Undergraduate Study Abroad Awards Program
Application Deadline: MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Undergraduate Internship Grant Program
Application Deadline: MIDNIGHT, MARCH 1, 2023

Graduate Research Grant Program
Application Deadline: MIDNIGHT, MARCH 1, 2023


Chapter Project Grant Program

Sigma Delta Pi-SHH Chapter Grants

Gabriela Mistral Award

(for outstanding undergraduate and graduate student members)

Albatros Award

(subvention award for a chapter adviser’s publication with Albatros Ediciones)

Lucy F. Lee Award

(outstanding chapter adviser recognition)

The Orders

(for exceptional service in the fields of Hispanic scholarship, teaching of Spanish, and promotion of the mission of Sigma Delta Pi)

Orden de Don Quijote:

Orden de José Martí:

For the complete list of these and ADDITIONAL awards and recognitions

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