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Delta Tau
West Virginia University

Winner: 2016 Facebook Photo Competition

Delta Chi
Montclair State University

Winner: 2017 Birthday Cake Competition


2019 Poetry and Music Recital

Altar de Muertos, 2021

Eta Upsilon
Illinois State University

Sigma en tiempos de Covid, 2022

Winner: 2019 Facebook Photo Competition

Winner: 2016 Birthday Cake Competition

Winner: 2014 Birthday Cake Competition

Winner: 2014 Facebook Photo Competition

Winner: 2013 Birthday Cake Competition

Winner: 2013 Facebook Photo Competition

Theta Epsilon
Arizona State University

Altar Contest,
November 1-2, 2022

Cempasúchil Exhibition

During the Día de Muertos celebration on November 1st and 2nd, Sigma Delta Pi organized an event where more than 30 classes participated with the collaboration of hundreds of students. Students participated in an “Altar Contest”, an activity that required some research on the tradition. A total of twelve altars were exhibited. Also, students also competed in a “Calaverita Contest”, a traditional literary composition that is part of the Día de Muertos celebration. Finally, there was a “Flower Installation”, in which students of every race, religion, and campus demographic participated. Our main goal was to create cultural awareness and community within the Spanish department  while engaging with other ASU students.

Main Altar
This altar won the altar completion.
Altar of our Spanish students.
We also had a workshop to write traditional calaveritas.
At the end of our event we had the traditional pan de muerto with our classmates and teachers.

Altar de días de muertos, 2022

The ofrenda dedicated to the Mexican painter, teacher, model and poet Nahui Olin was put together on October 18th and it will be open to the public.

Marigolds Installation 2021*

A Day of the Dead collaborative art piece by Sigma Delta Pi and ASU students

Carla León Celaya, treasurer of the Theta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi and a doctoral student in the Department of Spanish, devised and produced a piece of ephemeral art built throughout Monday, November 1st, with more than 300 students, teachers, and members from the ASU community.

This creative and performative activity in Hayden Library allowed presented information about the marigold flower and its relation with the Day of the Dead and the global reach of the celebration.

In addition, it opened new connections between the Hispanic world and the rest of the vast international community of ASU. The brief gesture of selecting a flower and placing it on the frame along the name of a deceased loved one produced constellations of meanings and emotions. From Honduras to India, marigolds are part of different rituals, offerings, and celebrations. In permanent conversation with the participants, we have learned from all of those who shared anecdotes, stories, and reflections sparked by the yellow flower.

To see more pictures visit Theta Epsilon’s website

*2022 Frida Kahlo Award Winner

Pi Theta
Arkansas State University

Winner: 2018 Birthday Cake Competition

Winner: 2015 Birthday Cake Competition

Winner: 2015 Facebook Photo Competition

Pi Rho/Tau of Ohio
Ohio University

Winner: 2022 Birthday Cake Competition

Thank you so much for choosing our cake! We made this vegan cake from scratch and the members decorated it all together. We wanted the decoration to represent all the events we had last semester, which were many!

It really means a lot to have won the competition.

¡Muchísimas gracias!

Lucía Ayelén Vallaro
President of the Chapter Pi Rho/Tau at Ohio University

Rho Rho
Truman State University

Winner: 2017 Facebook Photo Competition

Tau Theta
 Kennesaw State University

Winner: 2021 Birthday Cake Competition

Omega Tau
University of Colorado
Colorado Springs

Winner: 2019 Birthday Cake Competition

Alpha Beta Gamma
Northeastern University

On Sunday, March 6, 2022, members of the Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi at Northeastern University touring Taza Chocolate Factory where they learned about fair trade with Latin American countries and how Mexican stone ground chocolate is made. 

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