Chapter Web Design: Guidelines

The following suggestions aim to assist our chapters with designing their websites in accordance with the National Office. Following these guidelines will also ensure that information provided to current and prospective chapter members is accurate and complete. Please note that any images or wallpaper found on Sigma Delta Pi’s National Website ( may be used by chapters in designing their own sites.

Main Page:

1) Ask your institution (i.e., IT department) to host your website on its server; it is not advisable to use one of the advertiser-supported, non-college/university “free” sites to host your webpage. You may also set up a Facebook page or a blog as your chapter website or in addition to your current website (many chapters have both). However, if creating a chapter Facebook page or blog, ensure that the administration of the page is relayed each year to maintain the page active and current (along with at least student officer, the chapter adviser should have administrative access as well).

2) Include Sigma Delta Pi’s logo, the registered trademark symbol (®) at bottom right of logo and the Society’s full name (in both Spanish and English so that non-Spanish speaking visitors can read the information on your site) and your chapter’s name at the top and center of the main page (full name of Society: Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society; in Spanish: Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica).

3) Choose an appropriate wallpaper design to enhance the appearance of your main page. The wallpaper should be associated with the Society (chapters may use the wallpaper found on the National homepage or any of the links).

4) Try to adhere to one of web design’s golden rules: minimize the quantity of information found on your main page. Besides the Society’s logo, name, chapter name and list of chapter officers and faculty adviser (along with e-mail links), information such as membership criteria, calendar of activities, membership lists, etc., should be included as links on your main page.

5) Establish a link to the Society’s National website from the chapter’s main page.


1) Include as many links as possible within the viewable screen of your main page. This can frequently be accomplished by including links within a left hand frame or as a horizontal menu beneath your chapter’s name on the main frame (main page).

2) Links should include membership requirements (as outlined by the national by-laws), procedures for becoming a member, membership lists (active, alumni and honorary), calendar of activities, chapter history, chapter awards and scholarships, chapter Facebook and blog pages, your insitution’s Spanish Club, an FAQ (frequently asked questions) link and any other information pertinent to the activities of your chapter.

E-MAIL THE WEB ADDRESS OF YOUR CHAPTER SITE TO the Executive Director: Mark P. Del Mastro.

Any questions about these guidelines or information not covered above may also be directed to Mark P. Del Mastro.