Sigma Delta Pi and the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE) Sign Updated Cooperative Agreement

On the evening of December 4, 2018 at La Nacional-Spanish Benevolent Society on 239 W 14th Street in New York City, Sigma Delta Pi’s Executive Director, Mark P. Del Mastro, and the Director of the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (ANLE), Gerardo Piña-Rosales, signed a new cooperative agreement between their respective organizations that aims to promote “the participation of members of both associations in activities of mutual interest.” Beginning in 2020, Sigma Delta Pi and the ANLE will co-organize an academic panel at the annual conference of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, and they will form a joint oversight committee to plan additional collaborative projects.

This new agreement replaces the previous inaugural version between Sigma Delta Pi and the ANLE that was first signed in November 2009.