November 2020: Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st B-Day, National Charter Month, Various Events & Opportunities

November 2020 is Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st B-day and National Charter Month

During all of November and to commemorate Sigma Delta Pi’s National Charter Month,
complimentary copies of T. Earle Hamilton’s 1995 Sigma Delta Pi: A Brief History, 1919-1994 (218 pp) and LaPrade and Del Mastro’s2005 Recounting a Decade, 1995-2004 (37 pp) will be included with each purchased, signed copy of Del Mastro’s 2020 book Sigma Delta Pi: Rediscovering a Century: 1919-2019, available at Sigma Delta Pi’s national website:
If you have not yet held a fall 2020 initiation of new members, why not plan an initiation ceremony in November to celebrate Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st B-day and National Charter Month?
Remember that guidelines for remote (ZOOM) ceremonies are available at
Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 14 at 4:00pm for a national poetry recital via ZOOM to honor Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st Birthday.
Details forthcoming for participation.