November 2020: National Charter Month, Remote Poetry Recital on 11/14 @ 4:00pm (EST), Sigma Delta Pi’s History Book

November is Sigma Delta Pi’s National Charter Month!

Recital Virtual de Poesía

To celebrate Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st birthday and National Charter Month, join us via ZOOM
(link forthcoming) on Saturday, November 14 from 4:00-5:00pm (EST) for our
inaugural national poetry recital.

Recite a poem in Spanish or simply attend!

To perform during the event:

  • Poems may be original (authored by submitter) or by someone else, and must be in Spanish; no poem may exceed 2 minutes when recited (reading is acceptable).
  • Initial restriction of 2 poems per chapter (not 2 poems per member, but 1 poem per student member); participants must be Sigma Delta P members and active members of the Society.
  • Preference given to our student members of the Society.
  • Those planning to recite a poem must send it via e-mail as a specific request to by November 6. E-mail must include student’s complete name, home chapter, a copy of the poem, and identification of the poem’s author.
  • All Sigma Delta Pi members are invited to attend, but only those with submitted and accepted poems may recite.
  • Depending upon the number of submissions, these rules may be modified to ensure robust participation (e.g., a chapter could have more than 2 persons reciting, and chapter advisers may recite depending upon).
  • All questions to
  • Zoom details will be sent to all the week of 11/9.

During this entire month and to commemorate Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st Birthday on November 14,
complimentary copies of T. Earle Hamilton’s 1995 Sigma Delta Pi: A Brief History, 1919-1994 (218 pp) and LaPrade and Del Mastro’s2005 Recounting a Decade, 1995-2004 (37 pp) will be included with each purchased, signed copy of Del Mastro’s 2020 book Sigma Delta Pi: Rediscovering a Century: 1919-2019, available at Sigma Delta Pi’s national website:

If you have not yet held a fall 2020 initiation of new members, why not plan an initiation ceremony in November to celebrate Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st B-day and National Charter Month?
Remember that guidelines for remote (ZOOM) ceremonies are available at