Sigma Delta Pi Internship Grants

Summer 2024 or academic year 2024-25

Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, is pleased to announce its internship grant program for summer 2024 and academic year 2024-25. An eligible undergraduate student who is an active member of Sigma Delta Pi may apply for one grant of up to $2000 to support participation in an internship where the primary language spoken is Spanish.  Internships may be national or international. No more than two total grants may be awarded in 2024 based upon the quality and depth of the pool of applications.



To be eligible to receive one of the internship grants, an undergraduate student must (minimal requirements):

  • be a Spanish major or minor.
  • be an active (elected) member of Sigma Delta Pi.
  • have an outstanding academic record.
  • be enrolled on March 1, 2024 as a full-time undergraduate student.
  • have earned grades in at least 12 semester or 18 quarter hours of Spanish courses.
  • be nominated in writing by the chapter adviser(s) of an active chapter of the institution where the applicant is currently enrolled.
  • submit the completed official application form and all required documentation by the stipulated deadline and using the online application.


(1) Graduate students.
(2) Proposals to travel to a country that is listed as either Level 3 or 4 by the U.S. Department of State (click here) may be permitted depending upon the warnings issued for the specific region/city proposed. 
(3) Applicants whose transcripts do NOT reflect the national requirements for membership will be automatically disqualified.
(4) Applicants who also apply for an Undergraduate Study Abroad Award.

Click here for OFFICIAL 2024-2025
Internship Grant APPLICATION


All applications must be submitted online no later than 11:59:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), March 1, 2024.  Those received after this date will not be considered.


The National President will appoint an advisory committee to recommend the scholarship recipients based upon an established set of criteria.  Sigma Delta Pi’s Executive Committee will review the recommendations and confirm the awardees.


Winners will be notified after April 1, 2024.


Sigma Delta Pi internship grants MUST be used solely for the purposes stated in the awardee’s original application (e.g., sponsor and length of the internship, location, etc.) and for an internship that is NOT academic credit-bearing (internships that are framed within an academic, credit-bearing course are supported by Sigma Delta Pi’s undergraduate study abroad awards program).  Permission will not be granted to alter the originally proposed internship plan. Sigma Delta Pi’s internship grants are non-transferable.  Each awardee will receive half of the amount of their grant prior to their internship, and the remaining half at the completion of their internship and after the following has been submitted:

  • The awardee’s photo and essay (see below).
  • A signed letter from the internship supervisor (not the student awardee) confirming the successful completion of the internship per the company’s/agency’s expectations.
  • A one-minute video of themselves that speaks to the benefits enjoyed by this grant.


Within two weeks after the completion of their internship, each grant recipient must submit via the online form (click here for submission guidelines):
1) a passport-type photograph (.jpg or .gif file)
2) an essay (Word format) of approximately 200 words in Spanish reporting on their internship experience.
3) a one-minute video of themselves that speaks to #2 and the benefits enjoyed by this grant.
An awardee who fails to provide these three (3) items by the aforementioned deadline will forfeit half of their grant.

Awardees unable to complete the internship made possible by the grant must inform the national office ( ).

NOTICE: The completed application form and all related materials MUST all be submitted online before 11:59:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), MARCH 1, 2024, or the application will be disqualified. 

Sigma Delta Pi will not award an eligible applicant from both this Internship Grant program and the Undergraduate Study Abroad Award program.