Maximizing Student Membership and Engagement Virtually in AY 2020-21. Official Policy for Remote Events, Official Online Calendar of Events and Deadlines


As we collectively begin a new academic year with ongoing challenges due to COVID-19, we must also sustain future opportunities for our students, to include membership for ALL qualifying students, worthwhile activities that reflect the mission of our Society, and continued engagement with our members and campus communities throughout the 2020-21 academic year. 

This past spring term, many chapters delayed initiating new members until this fall with hopes that “normal” campus activities would resume, and face-to-face induction ceremonies would again be feasible.  However, we all recognize now that such desired “normalcy” is still elusive. 

What to do?: Plan on a regular schedule of activities, even if they must be remote due to social distancing protocols and/or an online semester.

If your chapter delayed a spring 2020 initiation of new members or only inducted graduating seniors this past spring:
Plan an initiation, even if virtual, of ALL qualifying members in September (next month). This will refortify your chapter membership base and sustain the vitality of both your chapter and the national organization.

Plan multiple initiation ceremonies, one in fall and one in spring, to provide ample opportunities for all your qualifying students:
Holding two ceremonies (fall and spring) will help rebuild your chapter and provide more students with Sigma Delta Pi’s exclusive membership opportunities.

What guidance can you provide for virtual chapter activities, to include a virtual initiation ceremony?
See the following webpage for your virtual planning:
Also share and bookmark our new Sigma Delta Pi Calendar for 2020-21: