Sigma Delta Pi’s National Charter Month, History Book Special and Ruth Barnes Replica Membership Pin

November 2020 is Sigma Delta Pi’s National Charter Month

During all of November and to commemorate Sigma Delta Pi’s 101st Birthday,
complimentary copies of T. Earle Hamilton’s 1995 Sigma Delta Pi: A Brief History, 1919-1994 (218 pp) and LaPrade and Del Mastro’s2005 Recounting a Decade, 1995-2004 (37 pp) will be included with each purchased, signed copy of Del Mastro’s 2020 book Sigma Delta Pi: Rediscovering a Century: 1919-2019, available at Sigma Delta Pi’s national website:
This book can serve as a special award/recognition for chapter members or guest speakers, or as a holiday gift.

There is still time to hold a fall 2020 initiation of new members!

Remember that the limited-edition, Ruth Barnes replica membership pin (pictured above)
is issued to every new member initiated through December 31, 2020
to commemorate Sigma Delta Pi’s very first, formal initiation ceremony on May 1, 1920.

Remember that guidelines for remote (ZOOM) ceremonies are available at