Sigma Delta Pi Announces its Inaugural Premio Albatros: New Publication Subvention Award for Active Advisers

The Premio Albatros includes a $1,500 subvention that may be granted yearly for one Sigma Delta Pi chapter adviser whose manuscript is accepted and published
by Albatros Ediciones.

Eligibility requirements:

·  a Sigma Delta Pi chapter adviser who is a faculty member of Spanish and who has conducted at least one initiation ceremony of new Sigma Delta Pi members within the past two years from the submission of their manuscript proposal to Albatros Ediciones

·  the candidate must be the current chapter adviser at their institution when they submit their proposal for consideration to Albatros Ediciones

·  the candidate’s manuscript must be accepted for publication by Albatros Ediciones (at the time) while they are still the active Sigma Delta Pi chapter adviser at their institution

·  the candidate whose manuscript is accepted for publication by Albatros Ediciones agrees to publish their work with Albatros Ediciones AND submits their final work to Albatros Ediciones as contractually agreed 

·  submitted manuscripts should be complete and range between 300-350 pages, or approximately 125,000 words.

Not eligible

·  past chapter advisers

·  chapter members who are NOT active chapter advisers

·  members of Sigma Delta Pi’s national Executive Council

·  chapter advisers whose work will be published by any publisher besides Albatros Ediciones

Additional program details and conditions:

·  The recipient of the Premio Albatros will be selected by Sigma Delta Pi and Albatros Ediciones among all qualified candidates whose proposals have been accepted for publication by Albatros Ediciones.  

·  The $1500 subvention (which represents 50% of the total subvention required for publication after acceptance) would be issued directly to Albatros Ediciones after confirmation of receipt of the final manuscript for publication.

·  Only manuscripts published with Albatros Ediciones are eligible.

·  The recipient of the Premio Albatros will receive an award plaque with a press release issued to their home institution.

·  The awardee must also agree to make a presentation on their manuscript in an international, virtual event co-organized by Sigma Delta Pi and Albatros Ediciones.

·  Only one Premio Albatros per academic year (July 1-June 30) may be granted.

For submission guidelines for completed manuscripts, please contact Albatros Ediciones:

Sigma Delta Pi Partners with Platino Educa for Graduate Research Grants and Free Movies for Public Showings

Sigma Delta Pi is pleased to announce its newest partner:

Platino Educa USA is sponsoring one of Sigma Delta Pi’s $2000 graduate research grants for work devoted to cinema in the Spanish-speaking world outside of the U.S. 
See for details.

In addition, Platino Educa offers active Sigma Delta Pi chapters the opportunity to show a movie in Spanish at their institutions.
For details see

Sigma Delta Pi Announces Newest Partner: Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Association


Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, is pleased to announce its newest partner:

the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Association (MIFLA)

Sigma Delta Pi and MIFLA have partnered in mutual support of their respective missions
and to recognize outstanding members of their organizations.
Sigma Delta Pi will also continue to host its informative session at MIFLA’s annual conference in October.

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