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Contributions: Gallery of Artifacts

Signed Chapter Charters

At any time, chapters may submit pictures of their signed charters (the document/canvas your chapter was issued when founded) for inclusion in the Museo Virtual.  If your chapter has a charter that was issued prior to the year 2000 that you would like to contribute to the gallery, please upload a high-resolution photo (gif or jpg file) in the following shared folder:

Artifacts of interest

Additionally we continue to welcome other contributions for our “Artifacts Gallery” that may have been passed down to our advisers.  If you have copies of old certificates, paper order forms or correspondence, photos of interest, please upload your photos for consideration at:

All uploaded documents, photos, etc., should be explicitly labeled in the title of the uploaded file (e.g., chapter name, college/university, item in question, etc.) Descriptions of the items can be uploaded as a separate document or emailed to

Contributions: Chapter Gallery

Chapters are encouraged to make submissions for possible inclusion in the Museo Virtual  (electronic submissions only.) Chapter contributions included in the Museo prior to April 1 of a given year are eligible to receive the Frida Kahlo Award. Examples of chapter submissions may be viewed in the CHAPTER GALLERY and may include:

  • Staged Photos (may include works of Sigma Delta Pi-related art: drawings, paintings, etc.). All photos must include a brief caption (50 words or less) with chapter name and description; for photos of events (initiation ceremonies will not be considered): also include date(s). Photos of poor quality or inadequate resolution cannot be considered.
  • Short Videos
  • Poems
  • Music (audio files)
  • Other (this list is not exhaustive as we expect creative chapters may have unique, relevant ideas for exhibits)

Large files should NOT be sent as attachments, but rather as links to the file(s) in cloud storage (e.g.: GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox). All submissions should be sent either by an official chapter adviser or student officers, and will be reviewed by Sigma Delta Pi’s Executive Committee for possible inclusion in the Museo Virtual.

Submissions accepted all year by uploading items at

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