Sigma Delta Pi: Limited Edition Ruth Barnes Replica Membership Pin for New Members Inducted Fall 2020

Remember that the limited-edition, Ruth Barnes replica membership pin will continue to be issued to every new member initiated through fall 2020 to commemorate Sigma Delta Pi’s very first, formal initiation ceremony on May 1, 1920.
The Ruth Barnes membership pin is a faithful copy of the original that founder Ruth Barnes and her six co-founders designed and adopted for all the Society’s inaugural members during the 2019-20 academic year at the University of California, Berkeley.  Through their home chapters (via faculty advisers), existing members may also acquire this pin for purchase with the online order form:

Beginning January 1, 2021, all newly inducted members will receive the standard membership pin.

Need a Zoom background for your remote activities?
See “Adviser Resources” at

Have you planned a fall 2020 initiation of new members?
This past spring, many chapters delayed inducting new members.  Help us recognize those qualifying students who are still waiting to become members by planning an initiation, even virtual, of ALL qualifying individuals this fall. This will refortify your chapter membership base and sustain the vitality of both your chapter and our national organization. It will also give qualifying students one last opportunity to receive the Ruth Barnes replica membership pin

Have you considered multiple initiation ceremonies, one this fall term and one in spring 2021, to provide ample opportunities for all your qualifying students?
Holding two ceremonies (fall and spring) will help rebuild your chapter and provide more students with Sigma Delta Pi’s exclusive membership opportunities such as graduate research grants, study abroad awards, chapter grants, and various national recognitions. Stay tuned for future announcements of these programs.

What guidance is there for planning virtual chapter activities, to include remote initiations?
Please visit:

Where is the national calendar of activities and deadlines for chapters and members?
For the current 2020-21 academic year: