November 2023: Sigma Delta Pi’s 104th B-Day, National Charter Month, 10th Annual B-Day Cake Photo Competition, Frida Kahlo Award

History Book Special Offer

During all of November and to commemorate Sigma Delta Pi’s National Charter Month,
complimentary copies of

T. Earle Hamilton’s 1995 Sigma Delta Pi: A Brief History, 1919-1994 (218 pp)
LaPrade and Del Mastro’s2005 Recounting a Decade, 1995-2004 (37 pp)

will be included with each purchased, signed copy of Del Mastro’s 2020 book Sigma Delta Pi: Rediscovering a Century: 1919-2019, available at Sigma Delta Pi’s national website:

How is your chapter commemorating Sigma Delta Pi’s 103rd birthday in November?

Why not locate and display your chapter’s charter?


Initiation ceremony

If you have not yet held a fall 2023 initiation of new members,
why not plan an initiation ceremony in November to celebrate Sigma Delta Pi’s 104th B-day and National Charter Month?

Remember that guidelines for remote (ZOOM) ceremonies are available at:

Virtual Event

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 14 at 5:00pm (EDT)  for
Sigma Delta Pi’s next virtual event
with the Embassy of Spain to discuss the members-only benefit of priority consideration for the North American Language & Culture Assistants Program.

Free registration in advance of this event at

10th Annual Birthday Cake Picture Competition
to celebrate Sigma Delta Pi’s 104th birthday.

2023 Winner: Pi Rho, Tau of OH, Ohio University

1) During this month of November, chapters are invited to e-mail a picture of their unique Sigma Delta Pi b-day cakes to  

2) The pictured cake must include a reference, etched in icing on the cake, to Sigma Delta Pi’s 104th b-day

3) It must be an actual cake that displays the Sigma Delta Pi logo.
4) Student members must contribute to the design of the cake.

5) For the accompanying “description,” include in the text of the e-mail the name of the originating chapter and institution.  For example: “Eta Upsilon, Illinois State University.”

Each entry will be posted to our national Sigma Delta Pi Facebook page: posted directly to this page will be disqualified; pictures must be e-mailed as specified above to

The winning picture will be featured during the entire month of December at Sigma Delta Pi’s FB page, and the winning chapter will receive an award plaque.  Cakes will be judged on artistic merit, originality and compliance with submission rules noted above.  The winning chapter will receive a $100 credit that may be applied to future orders placed for memberships and other materials offered directly by the national office.

Frida Kahlo Award

Outstanding chapter submissions that are accepted by the Executive Committee for inclusion in Sigma Delta Pi’s
Museo Virtual Ruth H. Barnes
will be considered for the Frida Kahlo Award.
For additional details to include submission criteria, please visit: